Xiaomi mi 11 Ultra Review

Xiaomi mi 11 Ultra Review

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Xiaomi mi 11


Now that Pro moniker is gone, it is the Ultra that stands for the cream of the crop. And the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra can proudly wear that badge. Restricted to the home market last year. My last went global for this, and we are glad to have a review today.

We’re sorry for the inconsistent physical appearance of the camera system or the hardware inside. The large raised area at the back looks tied, almost behind the truth. Hard to remember, and is a good start to a conversation or not a cup of tea for everyone.

But its size is a guarantee. The main camera incorporates the largest sensor used in today’s smartphone. Next to it – are two other incomparable modules in their respective fields, somehow. Oh, and yes, there is also a sign here – why not, but also because it can help.

Xiaomi mi 11 Ultra

Xiaomis usually don’t have to be dust and water protection, but that has changed this year. With the Mi, 11s, both the Pro and the Ultra have an IP68 rating, and it’s a very welcome development. Conversely, as a part of the phones, both cheap and expensive, and the IR transmitter is left. The stereo speakers have made their way to the Xiaomi mid-range. So, it’s only natural that the high-end models, have them, and they have a set of Harman/Kardon, who could not be hurt.

An increase in the capacity of the battery compared to the previous year’s model. With a different upgrade that we are able to appreciate. On the other hand, they are made to downgrade the charge to the Mi 10. The Ultra-s 120W, that you may just 67W it. Tsk-tsk.

Xiaomi mi 11 Ultra At a Glance

Xiaomi mi 11 Ultra

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra unboxing

The package has been lost to the feel of the Mi 10, The Ultra-s presentation of the Mi 11 Ultra is displaying in a plain black box with a brass case (or is it gold?). What’s inside?

Our EUROPEAN-bound retail, the bundle includes a 67W-charger. This is not the case in all markets, with chargers as a free option in some places. The people’s republic of china, and perhaps in other parts of Asia. This is a custom adapter with a USB output so that it is not nice to USB power deliver the die-hards. There is a USB cable is also include.

Xiaomi mi 11 Ultra

A headset may be missing, but it’s a USB-C-to-3.5 mm dongle is provided so that you can use it on your own. Also, the inside of the box is a transparent, soft silicone cover back in place. While (free of charge) of the protection that you need. The looks and the feel of the story are no match for the phone itself.

Design Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra

A smartphone is a camera system that is large enough to have its own gravitational field? Well, if there is one, it has to be this one – it’s huge.

Without a doubt, polarized, it is a huge bump on the back of the Mi 11 Ultra is going to be the first thing you look at this and you will not be able to look away for a moment.
Spanning almost the entire width of the phone, there is a black window that is home to three cameras. Two of them (the great) of conventional optics and sights to telephoto. It wouldn’t be a too efficient use of space and, if that is all the hardware in it, it’s also a laser autofocus piece, triple-LED flash, and, most importantly, it is a small, rear-facing display.

The width of the church was probably dictat by the fact that the show – as tiny as it may be, of the 1.1-inch diagonal, still takes up space in the room. The thickness, on the other hand, we are willing to be the pin-code of the actual modules in the camera. And large-sensor devices are even less bright, the lens can be quite large.

As we have seen, the other, a camera, a cluster, there is no denying it. Last year, the Mi 10 Ultra, for one, has had its four modules are lined up in the vertical position, practically, to reach the center of the back of the unit. Well, we had one of the Transparent Edition-so it was the camera that got all the attention.

Xiaomi mi 11 Ultra

In the meantime, Samsung has made the extra effort for this year is to integrate the cameras into the design. Which makes the Galaxy S21 Ultra of the four units was gone and in particular. On the Ruins of the Black colorway, here.
Moves past the camera in the assembly. It is worth noting that in the back of the Mi 11 Ultra ceramic. It’s true, our (beautiful) – white review unit, as well as a black option. And no matter the dress code, these Mi are IP68-rate, some of the Mis is.

It is glossy, and it takes up a lot of fingerprints, but it’s not as bad as glass-backed phones. And thanks to the white paint job, there are not too keen on the advertising spots. We think the black would show them more easily.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra battery life

Mi 11, the Ultra has a 5,000 mAh power pack inside, an upgrade of the 4,500 mAh battery capacity from last year’s model. Mi 11 Ultra-games of the Galaxy S21 Ultra in this regard, two of the larger cells than that of the X3 Pro, OnePlus 9 Pro, and was at 4,500 mAh battery.

We clocked about 11 hours of Wifi browsing on the Mi 11 Ultra is almost the same as that of the Mi 11. We got the same call, the life of the well, on the 28th of hours. In offline video playback, Mi is 11 And the Ultra was a good 15 minutes, an hour, more than that, the Mi 11. In the end, the Mi 11 Ultra-endurance effort is made to order to-95h – out of nowhere as good as the Galaxy is better than the X3 Pro, OnePlus 9 Pro.

Note: the web, the test was carried out at a 120-Hz refresh rate. While the playing of the video at 60Hz, as the majority of video streaming apps, including the Mi of the Video player, always default to 60 Hz, no matter what.

MIUI 12 Android 11

Mi 11 Ultra runs on Android 11, MIUI 12 is on top of a bunch of updates that came in after us, got the phone, in the end, bring it to the version we reviewed, in order to MIUI 12 android has been around for a while, and even though it uses a new Android 11 and a base, you can’t really say that the skins are all properly in place.

Mi 11 Ultra supports an Always-on display, and this may be true, always-on, or set it up according to a schedule, or just display for 10s after you get it. Lots and lots of AOD themes are available, with an additional adjustment for many of them, so that you are able to do it on your own. The always-on display also supports the breath of light – the curved edges of the display will flash with the colors of the new applications.

Ultra rear of the display is similar to the functionality, limited only by its diminutive size. The themes that are available to it, as well as it can show time and notifications, or even a motivational quote, and you can wake up with a double-tap. This has been a time-out, so it can’t be kept on at all times.

Return to the main display, you will unlock the Mi 11 Ultra with an in-display fingerprint sensor. The reader is the easy-to-set-up, we found out there is fast and reliable since it’s likely the same hardware as the Mi and 11. Which we were not so impressed, that may be the case for this to be a different reviewer. This is coming from an ultra-sound daily driver, so he’s also like the fact that the Mi 11 Ultra’s ability to reduce the brightness of the optical sensor in low-light conditions, so you don’t get a glare spot in the white of the night.

Triple camera

Mi 11 Ultra comes with some of the serious potentials of the hardware, it has been the most high-end camera system on a Xiaomi phone, and possibly to any phone at any time, if your priorities are in line with Xiaomi’s choice on this one.
The main camera is marking the debut of Samsung’s latest high-end sensor, GN2. Due to the large 1/1. The 12 imager, R 11 Ultra dethrones the Nokia 808 PureView, for the main sensor of the phone (finally). But depending on where you are, that it can be left out of the Panasonic Lumix LC1.

Xiaomi mi 11 Ultra

The GN2 has 8160x6120px (or 50MP), and each and every one of them has a size of 1.4 µm. A Tetrapixel of the color filter array of the top (or the Quad Bayer into the Sony-speak. Means that you get 4-in-1 binning, huge, 2.8 µm, the resulting pixel resolution, and a 12.5 MP images, as standard. The sensor is a bi-directional, Dual-Pixel auto-focus so that it is able to detect changes in the pattern of both the horizontal and the vertical. Which we first saw on the Find X2 Pro (Omni-directional AF Oppo phone call.

The telephoto has been carrie over from the Mi 10, the Ultra. but a customer outside of mainland China. It is as good as new, the old, model has never been outside of their country of origin. It’s a lot like the original, the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s telephoto cam, Samsung finally gave up and just be better. You get a 48MP Type, 1/2″ Sony IMX586 sensor with a Quad Bayer filter and a 12MP be thrown in the recycle bin of the photos. The lens is a 5x zoom, stabilized the sights, with an f/4.1 and f-stop. In the Galaxy s, the aperture was slightly brighter (f/3.5, however, is its focal length was shorter at around 103mm, next to Mi 125mm equivalent.

Then there are another one of those IMX586s, which is pair with an ultrawide lens. It is one of the ultrawide-is out there, with the Xiaomi is promising as a 128-degree field of view. In fact, it is so important that the software distortion correction does not really result in a straight line, but more on that later. The specs say that the aperture is f/2.2 and it also has autofocus. Of course, ultrawide has an auto-focus on this one.

The daylight image quality

Mi 11 Ultra is the big camera we have some of the best 12MP photos, which we have seen. The details are fabulous to be define, both in straight lines and random structures. Highly skilled, and natural treatment – a lot of the ‘photographic’ and less ‘smartphone’, if that makes sense. Noise pollution is, at the time, virtually non-existent.

Xiaomi mi 11 Ultra picture

The colors are vibrant, especially in the government, and the nature of the scenes. Without having to go to the extreme. Also, AI-enhance mode will only get you measure the bump at the point of saturation.

Perhaps, we are not completely in line with the Ultra-exposure. We would say that 1/2 to 2/3 of a stop brighter would be better in virtually all of the scenes that we shot. And the images certainly have the reserve. In the select the dynamic range in order to cater to the dynamic range. And of itself is a good thing.

While the real telephoto of the camera is on the 5x zoom lens. They can give you a lot of photos of the 2x zoom shots. It is color fringing around contrasting edges, and the details aren’t as nice as in the 1-shot. But they are certainly miles better than what you’d get out of a Note20 Ultra or S21 Ultra-2x.

The periscope 5x zoom, the camera that takes the photos as well. In the broad daylight, it captures great detail and the fine micro-contrast. It’s not as clean as the primary camera. And there are nice detail specifications of the luminance noise if you look at the close-up, but these are usually negligible.

The dynamic range is, perhaps, the best thing that you can expect from a zoom of the camera. The exposure is more to this than what we saw on the main unit. Color is a great match for the main unit, the reproduction, too.

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