Xiaomi Mi 11 Review

Xiaomi Mi 11 Review

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Xiaomi Mi 11


Xiaomi Mi 11 am neither Pro nor Ultra. It is not a flagship killer, either, as there are other units in the company’s ever-growing stable of covering this market that will be much better. Xiaomi Mi 11 is the ‘vanilla’ model of the family, but after looking at it, which didn’t really do it justice. At least, that’s what we think after using it for a long time this is a long-term review.

Spoiler alert: this is the additional (read: better) than you might expect and it surprised us a lot while we were using it. However, we cannot deny the fact that price-wise, it’s in a weird position. Sandwiched between the flagship of the war and the top-of-the-line, premium devices.

On paper, there doesn’t seem to have a lot of in the main, the flagship of the assassins, in particular, one is from Xiaomi’s roster. However, if you are doing a comparison, on the contrary, since it does not seem to miss a lot of things. Like its more expensive brethren, to bring to the table. And in spite of a significant difference in both directions of them.

This is a very exciting one, R 11, and we were curious to see what it would be like to live with a seemingly confusing package to a drive that is day-in and day-out. So, we did just that and, in a nutshell, we believe that you will ignore this at your own risk and that they have to say. In theory, it doesn’t seem like it would really have to appeal to all of you, but we’d bet that, in reality, it can actually be easy to appeal to the majority of people, with a few very specific exceptions, which we will cover at length in the conclusion.

Until then, though, there’s a lot to discover and a lot to tell you about our experience with the use of Mi is 11 which is the only smartphone in this long-term review, so buckle your seat belt, and let’s get started.


To be honest, when we saw the first leaked photos of the handset last year, we have been really impressed by the design of the camera island on the back. It was just awful. But that’s the thing about the leaks, and CAD-based, do, and that kind of things. And sometimes they don’t tell the whole story. In reality, just holding it, looking at it – and we’ve done a complete 180 and now it’s one of the better-looking phones back out of it. Not only that, but it’s unique and instantly recognizable, and it’s not a bad reason. This is not something that Xiaomi’s used to pull it out. But it has been here in droves, and we’re excited about it.

Xiaomi Mi 11

We started off by talking about the camera on the island, because, seriously. Have you seen your Android phone these days? They all kind of look the same, save for this, the design of the element by the manufacturer. The desperate attempt to differentiate their offerings. And Xiaomi has definitely been done, the camera bump was enough of a variety for that year.

Either way, it’s a three-layered business here on the island and, indeed, there is no rocking motion on the table, but because of the size of the increase is in the phone is actually not a rock as you type – if you are trying to, and then press the upper-left-hand side of the screen, you have a problem, and there is a slight issue.

Otherwise, Mi is 11 looks pretty much like any other premium smartphone in this day and age. And to have all the materials for the bragging rights, with the now ever-present glass of “sandwich” structure. We love that the front is covered with Gorilla Glass, Victus, Corning, which is the best yet, while the rear gets Gorilla Glass 5. Which is not too shabby either. Because a lot of people use a case anyway, back to the glass tends not to be shatter-resistant. Which is in front of you, and Xiaomi, definitely know this to be so.

Xiaomi Mi 11

The number of cases, it is not always the case that Xiaomi would come out with a line with separately sold accessories to high-end phones. But this is indeed the case (pun intended) of the Mi, 11) and we have one of the optional covers for our review unit. This is a fabric-lined thingie, and even though it may not protect as well as one of the most “heavy-duty” look contraptions, it is a nice feeling to the touch. It doesn’t get fingerprints, the fingerprints on all of you, and it’s not slippery at all. There is a lot that makes it worth the additional purchase of our book, but if you keep up with it is a lot easier. A silicone case that comes with the phone, in the majority of regions, and is very good as well.


Xiaomi Mi 11 s, 6.81″ 1440p AMOLED screen is just a joy to look at. No matter what the lighting conditions for which you are looking at it. It is great, the screen-to-body ratio is outstanding, and all frames are positively small, even today. Is almost impossible to process, and it gently curves on the sides to a modern and futuristic look. But wait, there’s more!!! Of the glass, and gently curves towards the top and the bottom of the well.

We’ve seen this before in some of Huawei’s devices, and at the same time. There is a very subtle curve at the top and at the bottom, it increases the usability of gestures – navigation gestures from below. But also to pull down the notification shade (and/or in the Control Center, from the above. It’s one of those little things that you’re going to forget about in a couple of days of using the phone. But you are going to be felt, and on the other, you have to change to a different phone that has the other glass on the top and bottom of the screen. For the sake of fairness, it doesn’t even support the usefulness of the per se; it just gives you value for the money.

If you are like us and have been with a gesture to the navigation of years ago. And never looked back, this is a great little touch, you are sure to appreciate. It is possible to prove a more general point, that’s how a lot of Xiaomi. Has paid attention to even the smallest details of its flagship phone of 2021 at the latest. It’s great to see such a level of commitment.

A short critique aside, let’s get back to the display itself. Side bends are not as extreme as they were in the 10 to the Mi and the Mi 10 Pro in the last year. However, it is not as muted as Samsung’s latest and greatest. We refer to this as a happy medium. Where you will get a futuristic look and a comfortable feel to swipe from the side of the curved surface.

Performance, Flexibility

Allow us to direct the state of cyber – Xiaomi Mi 11 is the best phone we’ve had a long-term review. Period of time. (Or “Full stop” if you are in the UK). The UI features, such as butter – a delicious, lag-free, and stutter-free, high in frequency to be explored.

Without a doubt, the Snapdragon 888 chipset is, in part, to thank for this accomplishment. However, and, as you would imagine, it also gives a lot of performance. In our regular uses, we have never come across overheating, or excessive restrictions. Which we believe to be excessive enough to notice). If you run benchmarks on a back-to-back? Yes, when one or both of these things can become problematic. However, is that we are not doing it for a long-term review, because it’s not in the way most people would use the telephone.

The screen is, we suppose, the second of which contribute to a smooth operation on the basis of its 120 Hz refresh rate, but also on the grounds of pure quality. The whopping total of 480 Hz touch sampling rate, can’t hurt either. In fact, we’re pretty sure that this will help a lot. So anyway, there you have it – in Xiaomi Mi 11 is the new king of the spring the smoothness of the scale. And, of course, it’s the best Android smartphone we’ve ever been in a long-term review as well. But it is less shocking, because it is the best song ever, in spite of it all.

Battery life

Battery life is one area where the Mi are the 11 ever so slightly disappointed us. Don’t get us wrong, the battery life was very good. But it’s the only thing that could have been great, had the company used to use a larger battery.

With a 4,600 mAh battery cell, we always were able to get over 5 hours of screen on time of use (see details below). And a couple of times we went there for over 6 hours, as well. It’s good, but not great, especially when you consider that the use case is mostly a Wi-Fi connection. And with only an hour or two out of 5G. If you have another use case with the mobile data of your life. At which point the screen at the time, the numbers would be even worse for you.

In our scenario involves 12 to 16 hours off the charger most of the time. The Bluetooth is always on and connected to the speaker or a headphone for one or two hours, half an hour of navigating through the ” Or “an hour or two phone calls. The one caveat here is that we had a phone at 120 Hz, and a WQHD+ resolution. All of the time, (and the setting, in order to optimize the battery with a WQHD+) was less. Because it is, in practice, switching to a lower resolution, and we wanted to take advantage of the screen in all its glory).

All of this said, we never felt that we had to be quickly set up in the middle of the day. And by the fear of not making it through a whole day, as we always did, but just barely. It was no good, the juice is left in it for the next day and it was a phone we could be charging it every night.


For some reason, more and more manufacturers are beginning to hold a telephoto lens exclusive to their ultra-premium flagship smartphones these days. And unfortunately, Xiaomi is a well-to-play together. Not that it did the exact same thing last year. Between 10 and Mi and Mi 10 Pro, but in 2021, the international market. We have only a few Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, and the difference in price between the two are positively huge. And if you want to be one of Mi’s flagship, with a telephoto camera. You’ll need to jump across the gap, however.

Xiaomi Mi 11

That, in fact, our main gripe with the Xiaomi Mi 11 s-video-system. At the same time, that definitely isn’t the best at the moment, it is a very capable phone price. However, is the apparent failure on the part of any kind of phone-in option that is difficult to come across. Of course, you can be a digital zoom of 2x from the main sensor. But why not just use a 3 x a standalone cam software, and make all of you happy? OK, maybe it’s just us, and most people do not care about the correct setting of flexibility.

Xiaomi was the first company to put a 108 MP sensor in a phone, and it’s still doing exactly that here, more than a year later. Mi is the 11th largest the cam is the same as that in the last 10 minutes. And the Mi 10 Pro, sporting the Samsung ISOCELL Bright HMX sensor. It is a Quad-Bayer deal, but the phone combines four adjacent pixels to the output of the 27 PM pictures in the auto mode. This is what we used for the tests, which as you can see below. While you are able to take photographs of the 108 MEGAPIXEL mode. And the resulting images are noisy and lack detail so that we do not recommend them. In the end, it’s not the way this Quad-Bayer sensor is intended to be used at any time.


Let’s start off with the Xiaomi Mi 11 s, cons because there are so many of them. The cameras are good, but they could not compete with those of the system. Which you can find in the ultra-premium flagship that costs more than 1000 euros. The battery life is very good, but not great. For that, we are going to use, and we never had to top up during the day, but we had to charge my phone every night, and if your use case is. In the first instance of a mobile data connection, your mileage will most definitely be getting worse.

Xiaomi Mi 11

The Fingerprint sensor is less accurate than what we’ve come to expect from the meetings of the previous Xiaomi. High-end units with a display, a scanner, but even so. It was made carefully in order to discover our fingerprints are all around 7 or 8 times out of 10. Updates are few and far between, but the upgrade to MIUI 12.5. the has. Thankfully, had not introduced any bugs or problems. So please wait a few more months until the next update, it will not be so frustrating. What is, however, is that the Xiaomi phones are never in the present. The security patch level, no matter how expensive they are.

Speaking of software, the MIUI is the presence of Mi, the 11th of May. Or may not be consider as a drawback, depending on your opinion of your skin. We should mention that we never saw any annoying ads in the notification bar of our review. However, these are intended for the European market. And we can’t say for sure you are going to have the exact same experience as anyone else in the world. Xiaomi is well-known.

In order to enjoy a serving of advertisements in some countries, more than any other. What you will find in some of the built-in apps, and is an advertisement. The screen is displayed when you install the app (from the Play Store). You can easily get rid of it forever, with the help of the menu that is display. When you press on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen when it pops up.

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