Xiaomi 10T Pro Review

Xiaomi 10T Pro Review

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Xiaomi 10T Pro


Xiaomi has been increasing its sales recently, no doubt helped by the Hawaiian demise – but all this cannot be clarified. It certainly helps when these products generally reduce price competition and give the same, better glass.

And this is widely known to us as ers ‘primary killers’. In 2020, Xiaomi starts with the Pogo F2 Pro (which we’ve reviewed for a long time). Then there will be none other than Twice once every two months, and then the Mi10D Pro. So, as we wait for the next international to be introduced, it is still Suomi’s best primary killer.

Xiaomi 10T Pro Review 2021

For one, it’s not even OLED in terms of the cost of using an LCD. And the display refresh rate is higher than every major non-gaming flagship. We will tell you how to achieve that result and what are its consequences in everyday life.

The Mi 10T Pro enhances the camera settings of its predecessors (various brands) by bringing. A 108 MP core sensor with Mix 108 lower OIS. This is an interesting conclusion from Xiaomi as other companies may have material to hold exclusively for high-end phones. However, now we also see 108MP sensors in the Redmi Note line. So talking about democratic features (in which company executives constantly participate) is not a conversation at all.

Xiaomi 10T Pro Review 2021

So we have a very interesting package in the Mi 10T Pro. And we are very keen to try it out as it has been used as our only smartphone for a long time. We have ideas – many of them – about what it is and if you join the next pages of this lengthy review. We will tell you about the recent primary assassination of Siomi.

Design, Handling, Development Quality, Case

Dying flagships are often reluctant to introduce the remaining new languages ​​or design specifications. They prefer to go with tried and tested ones – thus making it easier to read (read: cheaper). The Mi10D Pro is no exception. It is the most standard smartphone today, with no bells and whistles. Nevertheless, everything is simple it only works when we use this phrase too much.

this is true. While its appearance will certainly not be a headache. The design of the Mi 10T Pro will not be wrong in our view. With no limitations anywhere, it looks very functional and more modern. With the flat-top and bottom, you get the expected metal and glass sandwich construction. It’s starting to become a trend especially for Chinese smartphones, and it looks great. Keep in mind that flat bits are quite small so you cannot buy a phone. To stand upright (or upside down) at any time.

The rear glass of our cosmic black test unit is very slippery and incredibly easy to show fingerprints. Because the finish is shiny, it’s not as slippery as most handsets with a matte pack, so you don’t have to worry about it deteriorating when handling it, especially if you have large hands. This is an additional feature in our book, the way fingerprints are displayed even after touching them for a minute. They won some and lost some.

Fortunately, with the Mi 10T Pro, in the box, Xiaomi shipped the best case packed with a smartphone. “Best” because it feels so durable and safe. It is not one of those soft jelly-like ingredients, it looks like it can take a beat. Needless to say, it fits the handset perfectly, as it was made by Xiaomi. It is certain that if you do not do this for aesthetic reasons then you will not have to buy another case for Mi 10T Pro.

Xiaomi 10T Pro Review 2021

Oh, and in this case some sort of antibacterial coating also appears, which is a nice additional bonus. Not to mention that it is more slippery than the back of the phone. So to summarize – if you are a person who has a case in your precious glass and metal handset, then give it a chance. Of course, if you can live here with big Siomi word recognition. We didn’t really notice it, but some may have.

Although large, unknown word labels are now a trend on devices (listen to RealMe or Poco). It has at least the letter case, but not on the handset. In a world where most phones are the same for most people and in most cases third parties. We consider this to be some kind of pessimistic play or something like that. So the device manufacturer’s logo goes off (some except for iPhone cases) cut out for Apple).

The rear camera island is large and dense, with no road around it. Yes, it plays when you use it on a desk, but it is better to type when you are not large enough for the size of your keyboard. We are generally great fans of symmetry, but we cannot help but wonder what Xiaomi has done in its service. This phone has three cameras, but if you count one with four cameras or one with LED flash, the “aperture” is five.

This actually creates an asymmetrical design but is a ‘circle’ that is completely fake and used only for decorative purposes. It is fun to see this trend beyond the use of macros and dark cameras (which is not to say that it is unnecessary except for the number of snipers in the background). Actually physically pretending to be a sensor. That being said, you don’t look at the back of your phone, do you? So, you, like us, can enjoy it for a few seconds and then you forget all about it.

Flipping the phone shows less concern for symmetry as the base of the bezel is larger than the other three. Perhaps it is connected to the use of an LCD screen. And the connectors and LED backlight should be visible on it. The aperture punch for the selfie camera is small. It does not experience eye pain, and the status bar icons are aligned with it, which is something we appreciate.

Xiaomi 10T Pro Review 2021

Using the Mi 10T Pro with one hand was a breeze for this reviewer. But keep in mind that this is not a small phone. And you have to use both if you have small hands. We feel that we have said this on every phone reviewed for a long time. But it is still worth noting. Larger screens are more impressive, but the price you pay for that appeal is comparable to a handling accessory unless you end up with bigger hands-on larger phones.

The build quality is excellent, but it is by no means surprising. As even cheaper phones these days are more stable and well configured. It is a testament to how far production has come in the last few years. In terms of clean build quality, there is nothing less about the Mi 10T Pro than the more expensive flagship. Except for one thing, though we don’t know if this technically counts as a standard for each grade. The screen element (including the glass above) seems to ‘sit’ above the metal frame, which we find more expensive. Watch it happen on devices. Not mixed properly. It is also one of those things that cannot go unnoticed unless specifically taught. The good thing is that there are no weird ridges or anything in it, everything is smooth on the edges.

Xiaomi LED notification

At the top of the screen on the left is a small white LED notification light, and we appreciate the effort to add it (because the screen isn’t always OLED without the display). But from most angles, you won’t see it at all. It is very configurable and has only one color. The days of multi-colored LED notification lights are long gone.


The Mi 10T Pro has a 3.5mm headphone jack but has stereo speakers, which is not the case with the Pogo F2 Pro. This makes a huge difference in content intake, although the second not only the speaker plays a dual role instead. However, we will change this system to a single-shot speaker any day. The release of the Mi 10T Pro is not the strongest or highest quality heard by any idea. But it works most of the time unless you are in a very loud environment.


Although the performance of speakerphone function is desirable, we have tried to speak on “speaker” by many people. You can listen to other parties well, but the quality of the mic used for this feature is not very good, so they may struggle to find out what you are saying if you go straight to the mic hole I do not speak

Xiaomi 10T Pro Review 2021

In the case of a phone call, this may indicate that the sensor in the vicinity is also not good. Keep the Mi 10T Pro in your ear to talk to someone and when you pick up the phone with your ear. It automatically shuts off as soon as you close the screen. We certainly saw the worst (in terms of how bad the Galaxy Note 20 Ultras are). But it is also not true. If we make the assumption, we will not say that it is an accelerometer-based solution (as in the use of the Note 20 Ultra). So the problem can be linked to the exact location of the sensor – if too much center, some leading to iffiness.

The long story is that the screen is open several times when the phone is in the ear. And then our ear accidentally touches individual pieces and pieces – reducing shadows and even pressing some quick settings icons are. If you do not talk on the phone all day, then it will not be a big problem. Otherwise, we qualify it as a slight annoyance, but we still consider it necessary to mention. On the other hand, call quality is always remarkable, and we do not find an absence of maximum earpiece size.

Xiaomi Display quality

It is interesting People prefer OLED screens, but people tend to turn to higher refresh rate displays. For the Poco F2 Pro, Xiaomi chose the previous one and gave you a 60Hz OLED panel. For the Mi10D Pro, the company was the exact opposite, so we have a 144 Hz LCD.

It has a higher upgrade rate than any major non-gaming major, but many of you will fail to use LCDs. Do not become. It is the best LCD placed on Android smartphones. It is not yet compatible with a thin number of OLEDs. But in everyday use, especially if you do not have a phone with an OLED screen for direct comparison. You know (probably) that it is an LCD in two specific situations.

Xiaomi 10T Pro Review 2021

First, outside in very strong sunlight. Although the choice of sunlight is better than most LCDs. It is still not compatible with the MIL LED running in 2020/2021. This does not mean that you cannot actually see it if you are outside on a bright sunny day. There is not just one OLED.

Second, when there is such a black material on the screen in an environment where you are not very bright. This is only when you notice that the blacks for LCDs. Which look amazing for LCDs, are still darker brown than LEDs.

Xiaomi 10T Pro Review 2021

Everything about this screen is remarkable, and the above are probably not, for most people. Situations that you often find yourself in. If you do, and you are worried about reading dark gray and black and good sunlight. Then this is not the phone. For you. But for others, it has a nice screen, lots of calibration options, and is incredibly accurate if you need to.

We don’t worry about everything. So the auto-adjusts the color temperature based on the light sources around you before going with the color preset.

It is similar to Apple’s Trudeau and works in a very subtle way to improve perceived display quality. If you have some important tasks. You should select Advanced Settings and choose from P3 and SRGB depending on your goal.

Xiaomi Battery life

Battery life is very good and we have said this about every Xiaomi phone reviewed over the years. but it’s true. We have not completed a day to charge in the middle for quick overhead. Even with our heavy usage, we always take one of our 12-16 hour days off the charger. Since then, we have not been forced to use it for two days. On top of us, call it a 1.25-day phone or 1.4 additional calls.

Sometimes the screen is incredibly good, you can see our classification of results in the screenshot below. It is the best phone for all of us to tolerate the flagship and flagship. (some big mid-ranger and budget options are great because they have a large battery).

Note that all these numbers are achieved at a screen refresh rate set to 144 Hz. However, this is not a standard system, it fits very well with what is happening and how your phone is use. This is why it does not have as big an impact on battery life as 144 Hz. . Time. You can’t really see if the app is really down, but the adaptive system is well thought out.

Charging with the included adapter is also reasonable (yes, it’s in the box – can you imagine?). It only takes an hour from zero to hero. No wireless charging is provided here, which is one of the first things that slow down. The search to make the primary killer much cheaper.

Xiaomi Camera

Spoiler alert:

The Xiaomi 10T Pro’s rear camera system is an excellent staple shooter. As well as two snappers of different sizes on the OK-ISH. None of it is tapping phones – historically, traditionally if you will, the slain flagships. Don’t always have a camera port, and the Mi10D Pro’s main unit is a flagship smartphone with killer quality. One of the best snoopers of the kind.

So let’s start with the 108MP sensor we saw earlier. This time it has been trying to move around while adding OIS is becoming more popular than most of its competitors. Especially at night. However, don’t give us the first place.

Xiaomi 10T Pro Review 2021

Daytime shots are generally very sharp, with plenty of sharpness, lots of detail, wide variation. Some noise sometimes creeping in, and colors that appear natural. If you want to punch colors, use the AI ​​feature to get an almost cartoonist scale. On ‘correction’ over certain colors, especially sky blues and greens. For the examples below, we decided not to land on La-La land, so AI mode is disable.

Xiaomi 10T Pro Review 2021

Edge smoothness can sometimes be an issue, but it’s not something you should notice if you don’t notice. At 108 MP resolution you can get shots, but you shouldn’t. The more noise these pictures have, the less detail, and less sharpness. For this reason, we do not include such models here, as most people will only go with all autos. If you are interest in 108MP shots, check out our regular phone reviews and you will find something. You will not be impress.

The same macro camera goes for the “telemacro” camera. At less than 5 MP, it turns out to have excellent resolution and also has autofocus. But less detail, sharpness, and color. This is an opportunity to use the best space with such quality sensors, and instead. We want a better ultrawide with autofocus and macro capabilities. But it doesn’t require one or two pseudo rear camera circles. Perhaps too much, launching a phone manufacturer can leave the device “no” with two rear cameras. Regardless of how good they are.

Speaking of ultrafine, today it is… good, but in no way, shape, form is pending. The images are smooth. Not as wide as you can get from the main sensor, and the dynamic range is not very good. However, the colors are still pleasant, and lens correction should work for very good vision here. However, it is not parallel, has quality features, is a sensitive sensor. So uses it only when extensive framing is require.


We go directly here from the beginning. The Xiaomi 10T Pro is an incredibly good phone for less than the current €500 prices. This is amazing value, and it does the killer concept justice as well. Like this class, the performance is excellent (and excellent). The basics are met, and it’s no surprise that the actual flagships have a fewer camera than the ones you see.

But here’s the thing. Thanks to the use of the main rear camera and the OIS, the Mi 10T Pro. The best camera system ever put on a killer-type device is the best of this amount. You could argue that the Galaxy S20 FE is more powerful in this regard. But look at the price delta as well – this time, it is about 200 more expensive than the Mi10D Pro. We compared the 5G model to the 5G model in Xiaomi Is of.

If upgrading in that area, including OLED screens, is a great option, too. If you don’t like LCDs or slot-punch cutouts – or both like the Pogo F2 Pro. That phone does not exist, but since it is now price similar to the Mi 10T Pro. It is very difficult to make a case for it based on anything. As it has a smaller and slower battery charge and a lower camera setup. It cannot compete with softness.

Therefore, like any device, the Mi 10T Pro is not perfect. But, if your budget is now around spending levels, it is very easy to recommend to everyone. But campers cannot live without anything special. Otherwise, despite its minor software bugs (and the slow speed at which they can be fixed). Anywhere under 500, the value of the device remains an offer – and even more so than the previous Pogo F2 Pro, In the opinion of this reviewer.

The Galaxy S20 FE is not a die-hard leader with impressively awesome battery life. The main camera is better than anything we’ve seen. You get an almost beautiful package that includes the best performance, smoothness with the main camera. It should noted even if at the expense of some background functionality. And a screen that pierces above the expectations of an LCD. Even if it doesn’t really match an OLED in every aspect.

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