Samsung Galaxy A22 review

Samsung Galaxy A22 review

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Samsung Galaxy A22

The cheapest 5G smartphone from any manufacturer currently in the market is a different competition this year. According to Samsung, it was released in January alongside the former Galaxy A32 5G, A52 5G and A72 5G. Now that title has been officially changed to Galaxy A22 5G. Like its high-end sibling, the A22 is available in both a 5G variant and regular 4G. Plus, compared to LTE models, sticking to 5G requires some major downgrades, without deviating too much from the original price point.

The Galaxy A22 pairing, in particular, goes into some of the LTE model’s key advantages over its Super AMOLED display – a slightly lower resolution, but otherwise better ambiance. Plus, slightly better cameras, plus 8MP ultrawide, 2MP focus macro, and 13MP selfie games. You’ll get all 209 for the original 64GB/4GB model at the time of writing this review.

Samsung Galaxy A22 At a Glance

Samsung Galaxy A22

The Galaxy A22 5G, on the other hand, has an MSRP of €230, can handle a 90Hz LCD display, a 5MP ultrawide, shallow camera, and an 8MP selfie game. However, the Galaxy A22 5G has some notable features as well. One thing that’s notably different is the FHD+, 90Hz LCD display, which is much better than the main 60Hz, 720p+ LCD on the Galaxy A32 5G – the device is technically top-of-the-line and a bit higher than the A22 5G is costly. . This will increase the mobile budget landscape by half a year. wonderful thing.

Compared to the Density 720 that powers the Galaxy A32 5G, it has several interesting features such as the Dimension 700 chipset which on the surface looks like a slight downtrend. It has its own limitations like a maximum 2K video capture resolution. But, we will achieve all this at the right time.

The Galaxy A22 5G is part of Samsung’s new and ambitious plan for the best-selling Galaxy A family, wrapped around essential pieces. The new “Wonderful for All” tagline fits like a glove. The value proposition is a clear priority on all of these devices.

Offering 4G and 5G versions of all handsets is another way to make the lineup as attractive as possible. On a budget or not, the Galaxy A22 5G has all the advantages and disadvantages that come with One UI 3.1 on Android 11, and Samsung promises the best and longest support in software, as long as Don’t be too late.

Samsung Galaxy A22 Battery Life

Galaxy A22 5G Powerful Battery 5,000 mAh. It has a relatively sturdier profile measuring 9mm compared to the vanilla Galaxy A22’s 8.4mm. The thickness difference between Galaxy A32 5G and its vanilla counterpart. Both 5G variants have a bit of space under their rear panels, all of which add a little salt to us that Samsung didn’t juice up the slightest bit of them. Don’t worry, 5,000 mAh of course.

Let’s talk about numbers. In our proprietary test work, the A22 5G managed a respectable 118 hours of total stamina. The Density 700 chipset and 5,000 mAh battery is about what we expect, not too bad and we look at our battery database.

However, this score is below that level next to that of the Realme 8 5G. We saw better battery tolerance from the same hardware combination of Xiaomi devices Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 5G and Pogo M3 Pro 5G. Not much, but overall, Samsung seems to be lagging behind in screen displays.

As per our testing method, the Galaxy A22 5G achieved an overall tolerance score of 118 hours by running the web test at a maximum 90Hz update rate, while the video field played exclusively at 60Hz.

Here the A22 5G continuously tests web browsing at 60 Hz with a maximum tolerance of over 30 minutes, which is enough to extend the overall exertion to 119 hours.

Charging Speed Samsung Galaxy A22

For charging, the Galaxy A22 comes with the familiar, old Samsung-stable 15W adaptive fast charging (based on Quick Charge 2.0). You will get a compatible charger in the box. Nothing special in general. In fact, the Galaxy A22 5G has one of the slowest charging rates compared to its competitors. Furthermore, the A22 5G charges flat to 2:29 hours, with a 23% battery indicator showing half an hour of operation. We expect a 5,000mAh battery with around 15W AFC. At least you’ll get a faster charge than with lower galaxies like the A02s and A12.

Speaker test Samsung Galaxy A22

Like other non-Samsung phones, the Galaxy A22 5G has a speaker placed at the bottom. Plus, like other non-Samsung phones, it’s not particularly impressive in terms of power – the A22 5G received an ‘average’ rating for power like the A32 5G in our 7-track test.

On the other hand, the A22 5G’s speaker is slightly more powerful than the vanilla A32’s. This is enough to push the average rating. Clearly, overall, it’s not pleasant yet, but at least the Samsung A22 5G was able to make good use of the extra space inside the body.

The frequency response is the same for all three. I mean, not very impressive. The Galaxy A22 5G doesn’t have a built-in balancer or optimizer for its speakers. There is Dolby Atmos under Audio Settings, but only for Headphones.

If you want to skip the 5G connection, most competitors at this price point, such as the Redmi Note 10 Pro and Pogo X3, offer a stereo speaker system.

Camera Samsung Galaxy A22

The camera is one of the areas that has made some cuts in terms of Samsung hardware on the Galaxy A22 5G. Compared to the vanilla A22, the 5G variant’s main camera lacks OIS, has a lower resolution in the ultraviolet of 5MP, and lacks a macro camera. Compared to the Galaxy A32 5G, the A22 5G lags a bit in this area. Similar settings on paper based on the two basic 48MP cameras. Again, the Galaxy A22 5G omits the macro camera, and compared to the A32 5G, 5MP Ultra is available tablets. Selfie is also less than 8MB. Compared to the vanilla Galaxy A32 and its flagship 64 snappers, the camera system is pretty hard to downgrade.

Samsung Galaxy A22

The ‘hard’ part is that most of the A32 5G can capture 4K video, while the vanilla A32 is covered in 1080p, and the Galaxy A22 5G can climb to an exceptional 1152p. But, a little more.

Unfortunately, unlike the Galaxy A32 5G, which is relatively open to sharing with all camera hardware introducers, we couldn’t get nearly as much information from the Galaxy A22 5G. However, we strongly believe that its flagship snooper revolves around the same Samsung S5 KGM2 sensor found on the Galaxy A32 5G. It is also known as ISOCELL Bright GM. The tetrapixel design (previously known as Tetracell on Samsung speakers, Sony called them Quad Bayer), 0.8μm individual pixels, and an overall sensor size of 1/2″.

Allowing you to create 12MP photos by default using 4- to 1-pinning.

Alternatively, you can use the re-remoting algorithm to shoot the full widest 48MP resolution. The S5KGM2 features autofocus with phase detection. Notably, it is called “Super-BT” by Samsung, which is a high-performance platform version. No OIS. The GM2, as is well known, is a really popular sensor. Found on many Samsung devices and Xiaomi devices, and we feel confident in its capabilities.

The ultrawide camera isn’t particularly impressive by any means. Its resolution is the only 5MP, with a relatively deep f/2.2 aperture, a relatively small 1/5.0” sensor, 1.12µm pixels, and a notably wide 115-degree display. About the phone not at home. 2MP, f/2.4 support for the deep camera.

The selfie game lost a few points at 8MP resolution from 13MP on the Galaxy A32 5G and 20MP on the vanilla Galaxy A32. Again, it has a slightly brighter f/2.0 lens. So, there it is.

Samsung Galaxy A22 Verdict

Samsung has developed a solid phone with the Galaxy A22 5G. While it doesn’t get the full benefits of its three major OS updates and four years of security patches. Such as its bigger siblings the A32, A52, and A72, it still gets almost all of the tactical features. under. The performance of the full HD, 90Hz LCD display isn’t surprising. But it’s better than the Galaxy A32 5G, Samsung’s earlier cheaper 5G device.

The Density 700 chipset packs a 5,000 mAh to deliver solid battery life. Along with enhanced features and connectivity and plenty of performance for most tasks. While light gaming wasn’t a problem with the A22 5G. We tried to successfully apply the panel’s 90Hz refresh rate to super-smooth gameplay in most games.

Although very simple, Samsung’s setup and handling software work well for high update rate systems. Which are not always offered to the competition.

In fact, most of the features of the One UI 3.1 / Android 11 combo in the Galaxy A22 5G are well made, polished, and packed amazingly. After all, great user experience is a big part of the appeal of Samsung’s affordable 5G phones. This is the reason why some people want to get it instead of one of the many similar offers from other manufacturers like Realme and Xiaomi.

And that’s kind of the elephant in the room. Do you still want to get a 5G phone for under 250? If you really need 5G on your next device and you can’t afford your budget, consider the Galaxy A22 5G. If you can settle for and settle for a 4G model instead. You’ll get the overall value out of other devices in this price range.

Samsung Galaxy A22

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