Poco x3 Phone details 2021

Poco x3 Phone details 2021

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Poco x3 Phone


Poco X3 NFC is called Pogo X3 NFC, although it can be named Pogo X3 120 Hz. This is the most important feature to list on the name of the phone. Especially at this price point, compared to NFC – even for most people.

Alas, the NFC cut the name, which we mentioned last. It is, it works; It does not need to be named after the smartphone. The Pogo X3 also has a 120 Hz upgrade rate for its performance. Which is still incredibly intriguing in its price range, and often overlooked by its competitors.

For this long-term review, we will tell you about how the title feature works in normal everyday use. We kept the Pogo X3 as a smartphone only. We want to know it better than our general assessment, and see that it wants to live day today.

Will the experience be as good as the description suggests? At the end of the review, shall we fuss over what is the amazing value for money on this phone? Therefore, there is only one way to find out – join the next few pages where we will tell you our thoughts on our long-term engagement with Pogo X3. What are the ups and downs, what do we like, what do we do, So get a drink and a cup of popcorn, let’s go


Pogo X3 has a design language that we call interesting because it lacks a better word. The back of the phone is certainly by no means small, embossed with a large logo. And a strangely shaped camera island. This is definitely not a phone for fans of the design on the quiet end of the spectrum. Nowadays, we see Pogo screaming loudly behind some of his rivals, combining big letters with brightly colored paths. At least in terms of colors, the X3 is a reasonably moving offering – you’ll get your picks from cobalt blue and shade gray. The latter being adorned with our review unit color.

Poco x3 Phone details 2021

In its design we think it is love or hate, only you know which camp you are in. This all only applies to the back, of course. Because the front looks like any other smartphone, with most screens covering it and a central aperture for a small selfie camera. This reviewer is not a fan of the rear design, but here’s something you might ask yourself. How often do you see the back end of your handset? Especially if you have a case. We are willing to place a bet that most people will not have often.

Poco x3 Phone details 2021

Creating Quality

Like all Xiaomi and Xiaomi sub-brand devices standards, the phone has a bundled case in the box. This case, while not as durable as the Mi 10T Pro, is still better than your average cheap jelly, but has a ‘feature’ that can’t drive you crazy. For some reason, there is a flap that goes to the USB-C charging port. We think it will further splash the phone, but then the 3.5mm headphone jack will be exposed, which makes no sense.

Poco x3 Phone details 2021


Whatever the reason for its existence, this tester was able to continue to fret when it was cast at night, otherwise, the simple operation was incredibly grateful for that magnificent flap. If you want to buy this phone and use the bundled case (can’t see why not), then we will definitely cut the flap and live a happy life without it.

Camera Island is not the best view with our eyes, and the cutout inserted case is round, which means that you have a small spot above and beyond the island where you can collect dust regularly. We do not know what this particular design decision indicated, but it is not so large.

It is a chunky monkey weighing 215 grams and is 9.4 mm thick (it grows up where Camera Island is located). It is very easy to tell if it is in your pocket or not. In truth, you will not be confused.

Despite its ups and downs, this handler is very good to handle, but the standard precaution applies to most phones these days: if you have a small handheld, you may find that you need the X3 safely. Both need to be used to run.

The glossy finish on the back gathers a ton of fingerprints very quickly, but it makes the device softer than the matte finish, so they said – you win, you lose something. The plastic frame is also shiny, and while the screen element sits on top of the frame (which now happens with all inexpensive devices), the transition is smooth, with no rip-offs or anything like that.

Poco x3 Phone details 2021

Being heavy may be due to the preference of some, while those who are “heavy” recommend doing “high premium” or something like that. Certainly, the phone may be lighter, but we do not find its weight in everyday use. We are accustomed to such numbers by many flags, and the feeling you get when dealing with them is different, but not different in price.

Speakers, biometric, motor vibration

The Pogo X3 has dual speakers, a down-firing unit, and a dual-duty earring like any other channel. The best sound ever heard, not in a long scene, but they perform better than expected by only one of them. If you are not in a high environment, it is best to keep the media on the phone at the maximum level as well and keep the phone in your ear to hear what is happening. This is completely beyond the price point, so don’t worry about it.

Traditionally for devices with Xiaomi LCD screens, the fingerprint scanner is built into the power button, and the capacity sensor is sufficient. Some reviewers have issues with fewer visual readers, preferring such edge-based solutions, and this particular reviewer eventually pursues the issues.

Poco x3 Phone details 2021

Without knowing what the problem is, we assume that the button is too narrow and needs to be done so that it takes up as much area as your finger. Regardless of the reason, we found that the reader worked only 75% of the time from the first test. This is not a great record, but your own mileage may be different.

In comparison to the Mi 10T Pro we recently reviewed with a longer fingerprint sensor, the Poco X3 felt a bit more reliable. Before you ask – yes, we took extra care when recording fingerprints to handle all parts of the finger.

With Xiaomi devices, you can choose to unlock it with a touch sensor or touch. We went for the latter because it is so natural to press the power button to awaken the screen action. It also eliminates accidental unlocking when the phone is ejected from the pocket, for example, when accidentally touching the sensor.

The face is also open, although the fingerprint reader has a built-in power button, so its use is severely damaged. To use a face opening, double-tap to lift the screen, trigger the mechanism, or press the power button – but in that case, the fingerprint opening will work as well. Apart from the selfie camera, there are no additional sensors for face detection, so the security is not good either. That said, when you close the eyes, there is no function of the face. Although there is no specific system for this, we did a review.

While not at the top of our personal preference list, the Vibration motor is sufficient for the Pogo X3’s price point. We definitely saw (or felt) that it was bad, and it worked well, with the help of subtle vibrations as you propagate MIUI with the Screen. Unlike the more expensive models that run the MIUI 12, here you can adjust the vibration intensity, which is only a binary on/off switch.

Display quality

Having an LCD screen at this price point is no surprise, but the Pogo X3’s board has a headline feature that we don’t see indirect competitors (sometimes): the 120 Hz upgrade rate. We’ll get back to that a little bit.

First, let’s talk about the quality of the screen. It does not match the panel inside the Mi 10T Pro, which we have seen on Android 10. Appropriately, the performance of the X3 will not deteriorate. Among the general features of the LCD panel, it is very decent for everyday use, unless you expect pure blacks like OLEDs and don’t worry about backlight bleeding.



Only it really fights in bright direct sunlight, which is, unfortunately, almost unreadable. However, it is far better. The automatic brightness curve is great, though you may have to manually adjust things from time to time. And the minimum lighting (if you turn it off using the confusing night mode slider in the settings) is exceptionally low. Which makes it more comfortable. Reading session at night. We rarely see high-end OLEDs, which should be appreciated.


Performance, smooth Although the Snapdragon 732G chipset running the Pogo X3 looks somewhat different from the Snapdragon 720G within the Redmi Note 9 Pro. There is still a clear difference in actual everyday usage. To feel. We don’t know if SoC is the only contributing factor, or if there are some additional software upgrades, but the fastest and easiest smartphone we’ve used in this price category is the Poco x3.

It easily defeats both the aforementioned Redmi Note 9 Pro and Redmi Note 8 Pro. Not much when it comes to speed, but it is quite noticeable for normal daily walking.

When it comes to the smoothness of Poco x3, the difference is quite obvious, and it is no small part of the 120 Hz screen refresh rate and 240 Hz touch sample rate. Apparently, this phone does not feel the smoothness of a primary station with a 120Hz screen or a 90Hz upgrade rate. But not because you can’t select the Pogo X3 or one of them. You choose between this and another arrangement. So far this is the softest intermediate phone we’ve tested for a long-term review.

The software also makes it feel like its animation work, and overall the Pogo X3 is incredibly enjoyable to use the package in terms of speed and smoothness. This surprised us on both ends as we expected it to be similar to the Redmi Note 9 Pro in these areas. Fortunately, no. This is the best, we are happy.

You can still get it wrong for primary use, but it is close to one from the concept of price.

Battery life

Like Xiaomi phones (or from various sub-brands), battery life is excellent. We can easily get 6 hours of screen time in a day and our entire record is 5% screen with 50% battery remaining.

Realistically, with an app like ours, we hope that you can easily get 6-7 hours of screen time each day. Even if some days are longer than 8. These are some large numbers, although there is a slight difference in our results as we are usually comfortable with them.

Poco x3 Phone details 2021

So, the Pogo X3 certainly feels like it has the potential to reach amazing heights in terms of longevity. But the possibility is not always felt, and in a few days, it is the best and nothing more. However, one thing is clear – if you charge your device every night, it does not require an afternoon.

As usual, our app takes about 12-16 hours on any given day with a primary WiFi connection to the charger. But there is an hour or more of mobile data. Bluetooth is always on Bluetooth, one hour through Bluetooth and one hour Listens to music for two on a call. And using GPS for about half an hour or more on Waze (and rarely Google Maps).

It takes about an hour and 15 minutes to charge the hero from zero. Which is not too fast, but not too slow, and at this price. It is actually a great result in our book. It is fun to come up with a cheap phone box charger this way (and with the fastest phone charging capability), while expensive flagships tend to forget the brick in the name of high revenue (sorry – we’re saving Target environment or something else).

Camera application

The camera usage of the Poco X3 is the standard Xiaomi / Redmi / Poko charge. Which means that it is mostly intuitive and easy to use. There is only one thing that bothers us. This is because the touch target is too small for the 0.6x / 1x / 2x button in the viewfinder. This means that if you don’t hit them properly. And your finger is locked for a very short period of time. You don’t move to the level of development you want, instead, you focus on that area are force. The camera you are already using.


It is hard to tell how annoying it is in every day. Use as we get only 20% of the time from the first test. Again, if you get fewer photos from us, or rarely change between levels of development. It won’t affect you, but we felt the need to specify it anyway because there’s no logical reason. Why Those goals should not be compared to the actual button you are trying to press. Almost no one wants to focus on the right side of the shot.

Apart from this little, our experience with using the Poco X3’s camera app is not a problem. It was always fast and reliable and never connected with us. You can set the phone to go to the camera app. When the volume down button is double. (even if the settings are in different parts of the UI, their search will be faster). It has great flexibility and we love it.

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