OnePlus Nord 5G Review

OnePlus Nord 5G Review

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OnePlus Nord 5G


The OnePlus Nord, CE, 5G is a new, mid-range killer, or at least, that’s how the OnePlus markets, and hung up. Nord CE is a spiritual successor to the original Station. But it is more of a toned-down version of the latter one, hence the name of the CE, which stands for the “Core Business”. Hold your phone of the some of the key specifications of the original, the North took place, including the design, which is almost impossible to distinguish from the first to the North. So in order to change it, it’s supposed to co-exist with the last year of the North.

At around the €300 mark, the phone does not respond to the fierce competition from the left and from the right, but it also seems to be well-equipped for the job as well. It has a light, 90Hz OLED screen, with a capable Snapdragon 750G, which is only a small step down from the Snapdragon 765G-powered vanilla OnePlus North. The base version will come with 128 GB of internal storage.

OnePlus Nord Space at a glance

OnePlus Nord 5G

One of the main selling points is likely to be the transfer of the North-CE. With a 6.43-inch display.

OnePlus was able to clip up photos of the 4,500 mAh battery inside the phone, which is still a step up from the first to the North, at the same time as the 30W fast charge, known as the Warp Charge 30T Plus.

As far as the cameras are concerned, the North, the CE has a 64MP main camera and a secondary 8MP ultrawide. The third camera on the back is only used for in-depth information, there is no dedicated macro unit. We can’t really complain, though, that the macro cameras provide added value to the settings of the camera, particularly in this price range.

It is North of the CE, 5G is a mid-range killer? We will try to find out in the following pages, however, one thing is for sure, though. By simply assessing the specs sheet of the device is a well-rounded product, something is missing in the list of the bare necessities of life.


The phone will come in a pretty standard retail box that contains the most standard instructions. With a 30-rated charger, a USB-A to USB-C cable, and a transparent case.
Our review unit came with a set of the new cases from the OnePlus Nord itself. They are all made out of soft silicone, and a few tiny, dust-like, golden particles, which really stand out. It is needless to say that the fit is perfect.

We would have appreciated a more sleek design, at least in some cases, however. Because we had a discussion in the office about these golden pieces on the backside of the bag is a nice touch, and for a lot of.

OnePlus Nord Design

OnePlus seems to be very proud of the North, the CE-5G, design, and there are a couple of reasons as to why that is. Sure, it looks and feels a lot like the original the North, but it is a sensible one, smaller and lighter, at the same time. The company points out that this is the slimmest phone they have released ever since the OnePlus nord 6T. And, in doing so, they do not reduce the capacity of the battery. At the very least, when compared with the North. In fact, it has been up to 4,500 mAh battery.

OnePlus Nord 5G

Nord CE-5G, tips the scale at only 170 g) and measuring just 7.9 mm in thickness. The design itself is quite easy since the OnePlus Nord pointed out. No fancy camera module or a curve. The only thing that stands out is the Blue Void of color and a smooth, matte finish. The back panel is made of plastic, however, it is not clear that it is not glass.

Quite possibly the best part is that the fingerprint does not stick to the back of the surface. We can see this in the Blue of the Void’s release, at least for now. And as for the Blue-Void color in and of itself is gorgeous. The slope is the most uniform, and the color changes drastically towards the edges of the blue becomes. Even more, going as far as to purple.

Since the phone’s main body is quite thin, the vertically stacked camera module sticks out so clearly. The sides of the back are slightly curved for a more comfortable grip. The matte finish on the back helps, and this is one of the grippiest of the phones that we’ve managed in a long while.

The above does not differ much from that of 2021 at the latest. The aesthetics of the with an off-centered punch-hole for the front-facing camera, and pretty thin frames, including the one at the bottom. The hole for the camera could have been a little off. However, and, as usual, and it will eat away a large amount of screen real estate.

OnePlus Nord 5G

At the core of the side of the frame is supposed to be made of aluminum. While the materials that you will have the opportunity to touch. Glass fiber-reinforced polycarbonate resin, or in simpler words, slightly modified plastics. The blue of the polished finish is going well with the rear panel. The color and it is not clear that this is made out of plastic immediately.

The one on the left is where you’ll find the volume and dual-SIM-card tray (no microSD slot). The right-hand side of the frame is reserve for the power-on button. While the bottom will see the return of the 3.5 mm audio jack. There is also a grill and a USB-C connector, next to the jack.

On the contrary, the power button, but the fingerprint scanner placement is quite optimal. It is located very close to the bottom edge of the screen. Just a little higher would need to bend the thumb too much.


Even if it is the first of the Nord and Nord CE, has near-identical displays on a piece of paper. There are a few key differences. The most notable is the lack of HDR10 support on the videos. The Full sRGB and DCI-P3 coverage, and the 90Hz refresh rate are still at hand.

Anyway, 6.43-inch Fluid AMOLED display, assuming a standard these days is the resolution of 1080 x 2400px, that forms a tall 20:9 aspect ratio. The hole for the front-facing camera seems to be a bit larger than I expect for an OLED panel, and it is place farther from the corner as well. The current implementation is eating away a large amount of screen real estate.

OnePlus Nord 5G

To do our usual round-up of the test is another important difference between the vanilla to the North. The display, and the CE brightness of the screen. Although the latter is higher, the manual brightness control. And a lower peak in the auto-brightness, but still, enough for comfortable outdoor use. In the manual mode, the display is reach, 429 existed at the same time the control is in the auto-can be increase.

The color accuracy is not a good thing with default Live mode, so switching to a Natural position for less, blue-ish, white, and grey, as appropriate. The average dE2000 in this mode, only 2.2, which means that a lot of the exact color.

It’s good to see that even the budget version of the North shall HRR display. It can be seen that the screen is still less than the Redmi Note 10 Pro, 120Hz OLED display. But the implementation of the North, the CE is not without its advantages, as you’ll get a good auto-refresh rate control.

If you are watching a video using the default player, as in a gallery, like Netflix & YouTube. It will lower the refresh rate is 60 Hz, in order to conserve power. The same thing happens when you don’t have to interact with the display. So for example, if you browse a site in Chrome, and stop for a few seconds. The software will be automatically set to 60 Hz. The refresh rate would shoot up to 90Hz, once again, when you tap the display once again.

Battery life

To be honest, we were a little skeptical at first with a view of the 4,500 mAh battery. However, Nord CE managed to surprise us with excellent battery endurance in all of the tests. It did particularly well in the screen test, which is perhaps the most important aspect of battery endurance. Video playback time, and the surf, the operation time is greater than any of its competitors. And as a result, the OnePlus Nord challengers will be an impressive overall score of 117h.


The company has a long history of carrying out the load on their mobile phones. But the competition has caught up, and OnePlus Nord is no longer in the lead. Nord CE is a perfect example. It can charge fast, but there’s not much faster than that of its competitors. In particular, in view of the fact that it employs a 4,500 mAh cell.

OnePlus Nord 5G

A full charge from 0%, would take some photos of the 63-minute, a 30-minute charge is pumped up to 67 percent, a few percent shy of the declaration of 70%. Only the Realme 8 Pro stands out with its 50W charging solution.

The three cameras on the back, one on the front panel

To the North, CENTRAL, OnePlus Nord has kept things pretty simple in the camera department, and to give thanks to god for it. We’re low-key tire of seeing all over the 2MP macro and dedicated cameras that serve no purpose other than to pump the specifications of the numbers. These cameras not only for the quality of the macro. Basic, no OIS, and none of the majority of the cases. At least a 2MP depth sensor, in the North, the CE can help with a faux bokeh effect.

Anyway, the point of a 64MP primary sensor, the sensor does most of the heavy lifting. The large 1/1.73″ sensor, 0.8 µm pixel with f/1.8 lens, no OIS. The ultrawide camera is to uses the single (and small) 8MP 1/4.0″ sensor with 1.12 µm pixels. The aperture is f/2.3, while the angle is marketing as 119 degrees.

The selfie cam is insert in the hole is a 16MP with an f/2.5 aperture and a sensor to measure 1/3, and so on.0″ size (adopting 1.0 µm pixels.

The main Camera

Daylight samples that have been taken with the main camera on the average price of the class. It’s great attention to detail and a wide dynamic range. It is not readily apparent noise.

These pictures are not very good in any of the actions. We saw the occasional oversharpening – for example, around a window. But this does not affect the overall image quality is adversely affect.

The bigger issue is that of the Nord CE, the most important thing, and cam gives the consistent natural light photos. With a cooler white balance, which results in a bright color to the hue of the entire image, especially noticeable with white, such as building facades and in the clouds.

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