Motorola Moto G50 review

Motorola Moto G50 review

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Motorola Moto G50

A year ago it was the Motorola Moto G5G Plus, now it’s the Moto G50. What do they have in common? As such, they are both attempting to undercut Motorola’s 5G competing offerings.

The Moto G50 comes in at a release price of around ₹210 as it integrates into a new affordable segment dominated by affordable devices at the time.

Motorola Moto G50

The Moto G50 is the 5G version of the Moto G10. The 5G connection is implemented via the Snapdragon 480 chipset (as opposed to the SD460 on the G10). But the ultrawide camera should achieve a relatively low output value.

On the other hand, we expect the G10 to have a better 13MP camera on the front and faster charging due to the 15W charging support instead of the slower 10W charging. More importantly, the G50’s uniform display gets a fast 90Hz update rate, which smooths out the entire user experience.

Motorola Moto G50 At a Glance

Motorola Moto G50 Glance

Apart from offering 5G at an affordable price, the Moto G50 also offers a lightweight Android experience with a spray of Motorola-specific features without spoiling the vanilla Android feel. To deliver good battery life, a massive 5,000 mAh battery comes with Snapdragon 480 5G (the first phone in Europe). The water-repellent design, basic 4GB/64GB memory combo, and standard macro camera resolution are a welcome bonus at this price.

So let’s see what else the Moto G50 has in store for us that isn’t reflected in the spec sheet.

Motorola Moto G50 Design

The Moto G50 is made entirely of plastic (except for the screen, of course). Which isn’t surprising considering the price, but like most Motorola handsets, it has a water-repellent coating. This does not mean that you can submerge it in water, that is, a big splash or rain will not give a problem.

Available in only two colors – Steel Gray and Aqua Green, as shown in the previous images. Naturally, the glossy surface is a fingerprint magnet but the steel gray color makes the smudge all the more invisible. The chassis is slippery – there’s no way around it. The matte frame on the side doesn’t help with grip.

Motorola Moto G50 Screen

Although the Moto G10 has a designed, matte plastic finish, it uses a glossy one, while the camera module and its placement remain the same. We noticed that the pump was small and the Motorola was able to shave a few millimeters with the G50.

The fingerprint reader’s location is a little further away—it’s a little longer than it should be, so you should extend your index finger to reach it, even if your hands are of average size. Motorola should be rated at a display limit of 6.5-inches.

Talking about the border, there are some thick bezels on the front panel, especially noticeable at the bottom. To our surprise, the front camera sits with a drop of water instead of some sort of cut-out hole in a great dating note. However, since the bezel is apt for the price of the handset, we don’t expect deep razors to begin with.

Motorola Moto G50 Battery Life

The Moto G50 is equip with some great battery life. It has a modern 8nm chipset with overall low power consumption. Then it has a lesser 720p display, and it is packed with a respectable 5,000mAh battery.

The Moto G50 released an overall score of 133 hours with excellent screening time. This number is the same as the Moto G10. The standby power draw will require a bit of optimization. This is why the overall score is lower compare to the Moto G10.

Charging Speed Motorola Moto G50

At least charging with the charger will be a bit slow. Remember, the Moto G50 comes with a 10W charger, while the phone itself supports 15W charging. Not only did the G50 lag behind the competition in this regard, it also recorded objectively poor scores in our billing tests.

Motorola Moto G50 Battery life

Speaker Motorola Moto G50

Like all budget phones in this price segment, the Moto G50 doesn’t have stereo speakers, so it relies on a single, bottom-up speaker. It wasn’t that pleasant in our power test, but it was enough to get a “good” score.

The sound quality is excellent and the speaker is not impressive. Expect the music to sound very flat without any bass, and distortion starts to creep in when you’re near the highest power level.

Motorola Moto G50 Camera

Unlike the Moto G10, the G50 doesn’t have an ultraviolet camera. But it does have a prominent 48MP sensor, which is again mate to an f/1.7 aperture. The popular 48MB imager has a resolution of 1./2.0″ and 0.8μm pixels.

Now, instead of ultrawide, the phone offers a somewhat better 5MP camera for macro shots. Although the sensor is still small, it delivers 1/5.0″ and 1.12µm pixels. The lens aperture is f/2.4.

One would argue that the Moto G50’s disappearance of the Ultra TabletWise could be a major drawback compared to some of its rivals. Which carry dedicated ultrawide snappers. But due to the price range and generally lower quality ultrawide cameras. So, we can’t really say that this is a major drawback.

The front camera gets a nice upgrade when compared to the Moto G10, however, the resolution is 13 MP. The 1/3.1” sensor is connect to the f/2.2 aperture.

Motorola Moto G50 Verdict

There’s no denying that the Moto G50 is an excellent marathon runner with its energy-efficient SoC and generous battery capacity. It takes great photos – even at night, these interiors are protect by a water-resistant design. The Android experience near the store has always been one of Motorola’s strongest cases, and in recent years, the company has found a way to upgrade it with a number of Moto-specific features without destroying the vanilla feel.

Motorola Moto G50 Pros and Cons

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