Xiaomi 10T Pro Review

Xiaomi 10T Pro Introduction Xiaomi has been increasing its sales recently, no doubt helped by the Hawaiian demise – but all this cannot be clarified. It certainly helps when these products generally reduce price competition and give the same, better glass. And this is widely known to us as ers ‘primary killers’. In 2020, Xiaomi starts with the Pogo F2 […]

Poco x3 Phone details 2021

Poco x3 Phone Introduction Poco X3 NFC is called Pogo X3 NFC, although it can be named Pogo X3 120 Hz. This is the most important feature to list on the name of the phone. Especially at this price point, compared to NFC – even for most people. Alas, the NFC cut the name, which we mentioned last. It is, […]

Apple iPhone 8 Review

Apple iPhone 8 Introduction Apple iPhone products are polarized in nature. Whether you like them or hate them, if you are ambitious, it stands to reason that you do not care much about the technology you use. Due to the popularity Apple receives, each new device launched is under more scrutiny than the average product. The investigation met with critics […]