Apple iPhone 8 Review

Apple iPhone 8 Review

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Apple iPhone 8


Apple iPhone products are polarized in nature. Whether you like them or hate them, if you are ambitious, it stands to reason that you do not care much about the technology you use.

Due to the popularity Apple receives, each new device launched is under more scrutiny than the average product. The investigation met with critics and fans alike.

Enter the iPhone 8, which is brand new and up, is the most boring phone in Apple’s lineup. It seems that it has nothing to do with the phone. It looks like a much smaller new iPhone, rear camera, smaller 4.7-inch display, irreplaceable design in three years, and nothing. No Face ID, no portrait mode, and no portrait lighting. You’ll get the new (eh) P3 display, upgraded camera, A11 Bionic chip, and wireless charging, but 8 Plus and XT.

Apple iPhone 8 Review 2021

Apple iPhone 8 for what?

If you’re interested in photography, the 8 Plus offers two lenses and a great depth mode, and the Pixel 2 offers an amazing single-lens camera. When you care about design or want to showcase your latest iPhone, then you need the iPhone X. If you are in the Android camp, you are spoiled for choice.

When looking at the iPhone 8 from a feature and point of view, it becomes clear that it is not in the same league as the competition. Then,

Who is the iPhone 8 for?

These are the thoughts that popped into my head when I first saw the phone, but after spending a few weeks on this phone, I realized one thing: I want an iPhone 8.

Why is this here?

Apple iPhone 8 cemera resulation
Apple iPhone 8

For design, little can be said. Put this phone in a case, you cannot say it except for the last three generations of the iPhone. Rear mirrors and a slightly redesigned camera pump are all new. You get the same *** bezels, the same home button, the same Lightning port, and the same speaker port.

Externally, everything is the same. Domestically, almost everything has changed, but we’ll discuss it later.

As for the quality of construction, I have one complaint. The phone feels solid, but the finish has some rough edges, ie. The unibody metal design on the previous phone made the device feel as soft as a metal cable. On the iPhone 8, you have two glass sheets manufactured with an aluminum edge, on this page you can feel the change. Rub your finger on the side and you will feel some stiffness from the plastic lip that protects the glass.

Apple iPhone 8 Review 2021
Apple iPhone 8

I know it’s a funny thing to complain, what are the plastic sticks in an iPhone, right? Generally, you are right, but it is Rs. 77,000 phones I would say. Let it sink: Rs 77,000. It is one of the most expensive smartphones in the world today and nobody is expecting anything perfect to this extent. As for the quality of construction, this is my only complaint.

There is a mirror on the back of the phone, yes, it is actually weaker than metal. Brave souls did drop tests compared to me and the results were not so good. However, I would like this glass back to be a metallic metal. I hate using cases on my phone and I have no choice because the metal back is so slippery. The iPhone 8’s rear glass, by the way, makes the phone easy to hold. If you are the type to use a case, the rearview mirror should not bother you. A case that is sufficient to protect the screen will also protect the rearview mirror.

If you pick up a black iPhone then fingerprint may be an issue. Apple was big enough to give me the silver iPhone 8, in this lightweight shade, fingerprints are invisible. You can definitely see them in the right light, but only if you seek them out. Now I’ve never seen a Black iPhone 8, but experience with the Black Me Mix 2 and the darker Galaxy S8 reveal just how difficult it can make a dark, glass-backed phone.

Apple iPhone 8 Review 2021

Understand, the iPhone 8 is defined by features that lack it rather than features. The phone does not have Face ID, it does not have a high-density display, it does not have an OLED display, it does not actually support HDR, it does not have a dual camera, it does not support portrait mode and it supports portrait lighting does not do. But I do not think this comparison is fair. Such as complaining that the Ferrari 430 is not Safari. They came from the same position, but each was a different type of vehicle for different audiences.

Given this goal, the iPhone 8 today has the world’s fastest mobile chip, with a wide range, accurate color performance, and exceptional rear camera, 4K recording at 60 fps, and FH at 240 fps. D-Record, support for fast charging 28 W charger, wireless charging, stereo speakers, excellent battery life, and of course, support for the incomparable theme engine.

If you complain about the lack of features in the iPhone 8 by all means, then pick up another phone. Otherwise, the iPhone 8 still offers class-leading hardware. Yes, there is no headphone jack. Hoping to get it back is nonsense, but I will never forgive Apple for killing anything expensive, proprietary, and unnecessary in global, flexible quality. What’s worse, Apple has encouraged other parts of the world to do the same.

Coming from the iPhone 6S Plus, the iPhone 8 seems like a major upgrade on all fronts (except design). From the iPhone 7, upgrades will only be important if you care about camera quality and wireless charging. The new iPhones also support Dolby Vision HDR quality.

Apple iPhone 8 Display: 8.5 / 10

The performance of the iPhone 8 is amazing. There are issues with the small size of the scene, but in terms of color accuracy, I don’t like any scene. The colors on the display exit the screen, but not in the super-observable, super-lifelike way that they do on the AMOLED screen. They are naturally alive, in the absence of a better word, and colorful.

Apple iPhone 8

Apple iPhone 8 Battery: 9/10

The 1,821 mAh battery on the Apple iPhone 8 is larger than the 1,715 mAh unit in the iPhone 6, but the battery is smaller than the 1,920 mAh unit on the iPhone 7.

My typical usage includes about 3-4 hours of music and web browsing, one hour of video, one hour of play, dozens of calls, hundreds of messages, and sometimes even pictures. In this case, my iPhone 6s Plus battery (2,700 mAh) will run normally in nine hours. For the iPhone 8, the battery can be easily carried for up to 12 hours.

Apple iPhone 8 Review

While Real Racing 3 drained 20–30 percent of my battery in half a minute, I lost more than 5–10 percent over the same period on the iPhone 8. Since the iPhone 8 battery is smaller than the Plus, the device is clearly more efficient.

While Real Racing 3 drained 20–30 percent of my battery in half a minute, I lost more than 5–10 percent over the same period on the iPhone 8. Since the iPhone 8 battery is smaller than the Plus, the device is clearly more efficient.

Every iPhone phone manufacturer that packs salt packs a fast charger for its phone, but Apple, despite selling the best phone in the Indian market, still has 5 chargers per person. The 12 W charger also sells separately. Three new iPhones, the 8, 8 Plus, and X support fast charging via Apple’s USB-C adapters (starting at $ 50 per 29 W unit to USB-C to Lightning cable). With the included charger, the iPhone 8 charges up to 100 percent in two hours. With the 12 W charger, you can charge the device within an hour.

Even iPhone better, a few minutes of charging will easily provide enough power to last a few hours. As far as I can tell, even with the fastest charger, the charging rate is slower than the normal rate after 80 percent.

It’s beyond me why Apple iPhone is even more embarrassed with its charger. Online reports suggest that wireless charging works as expected, but is significantly slower and pad placement on the device must be correct. Despite these limitations, it is gratifying that Apple has finally awakened to wireless charging capability. Since compatible charging pads are relatively cheap these days, I can only choose one place near my workstation.

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