ThinkPad X12 Review

ThinkPad X12 You can order most ThinkPad X12 models over the years and it may be difficult for the average laptop consumer to distinguish between them. Lenovo has the look, feel, and characteristics of its premium business for science. And has an army of fans dedicated to doing so. Over the past year, Lenovo has made several attempts to move […]

Lenovo Flex 3 Chromebook Review

Lenovo Flex 3 Chromebook Lenovo Flex Chromebook IdeaPad Lenovo Flex 3 is one of the smallest Chromebooks I’ve ever owned. It is a cheap, retail sale for $ 349.99. Any laptop that costs a little less will have serious flaws – and the Lenovo Flex 3 certainly will. On the other hand, if you are the type of consumer who […]

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 Review

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro Samsung Galaxy Book Pro Samsung has released several bookstores in recent years. While there were some great devices with an overall recognizable brand name, most of them were Samsung’s purchases of interest; Nothing really enters the main conversation. So it seems reasonable that the Galaxy Book Pro 360 is not a direct sequel to any previous […]

Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G Review

Galaxy S21 Ultra The Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is featured alongside Samsung’s Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus phones, proving that sometimes you’ll have to do something to fix it. Like last year’s Galaxy S20 Ultra, the Bold, the S21 Ultra is another example of an improved ultra concept. It still has a 100x space zoom but is easy to use. […]

OPPO Reno5 Pro 5G Review

OPPO Reno5 Pro According to Oppo, smartphone makers often offer annual ‘new’ devices to suit the annual release cycle, which are rarely seen, and the story may be different with the brand’s recently launched Reno5 series. After reviewing the Oppo Reno5 Pro 5G last year and placing it next to the Oppo Reno5 Pro 5G. We can confirm that the […]

Xiaomi 10T Pro Review

Xiaomi 10T Pro Introduction Xiaomi has been increasing its sales recently, no doubt helped by the Hawaiian demise – but all this cannot be clarified. It certainly helps when these products generally reduce price competition and give the same, better glass. And this is widely known to us as ers ‘primary killers’. In 2020, Xiaomi starts with the Pogo F2 […]

Poco x3 Phone details 2021

Poco x3 Phone Introduction Poco X3 NFC is called Pogo X3 NFC, although it can be named Pogo X3 120 Hz. This is the most important feature to list on the name of the phone. Especially at this price point, compared to NFC – even for most people. Alas, the NFC cut the name, which we mentioned last. It is, […]